“He is Jealous For Me”

“He is jealous for me, loves like a hurricane, I am a tree.  Bending beneath the weight of His wind and mercy.” (John Mark McMillan 2002)  As I watched and listened to my daughter Hannah sing “How He Loves” Sunday night, the fact that God is a jealous god once again struck me.  There are so many characteristics of God that I do not fully comprehend, but God is teaching me about His all consuming jealousy.

Years ago when this song first came out, one of daughters was in a relationship.  It abruptly ended.  As I tried to help my daughter sort through the hurt, this song kept coming to mind.  It was clear that possibly God took this relationship away because it was coming between my daughter and her relationship with God.  The relationship had gotten very consuming, and maybe God was taking a back seat.  For God, that’s not enough.

During my lifetime, I have worked many part time jobs.  I will bet that you have also.  Let’s see…there was Dairy Queen, Goldsmith’s, Parks Belk and probably the most interesting was the concession stand at our local coliseum.  I got to see several wrestling matches (wraslin’ as we say in Tennessee) and hear some crazy music. Do you remember those dreaded employee meetings that everyone had to attend, full time or part time?  I never paid attention to a word our supervisor was saying because, after all, I was part time.  I did not really care. Now as a high school English teacher, I spend hours and hours of extra time working on lesson plans, new ideas and technology. There’s something about being full time that has me all in and something about part time that has me extremely apathetic.

God is a full time, “want all of me” God.  Because God is complete, I do not believe He is capable of part time.  Christianity is an all or none deal. Most things that are valuable are.  When I think of God’s characteristic of jealousy, I love the thought that He is not satisfied with part of me.

Let’s consider…

  • that His jealous is unlike anything we can comprehend, but that it is good, as God always is good
  • that He sometimes does not allow certain requests of ours because we may allow this to distract us from our relationship with Him
  • that His “No’s”  are an act of amazing love for His children
  • that His “Yes’s” do not come lightly
  • that He is willing to risk our anger, misunderstanding and confusion over His answers to our requests
  • that He loves us wholly, seeing far into the future, using us in what we may think is a small way, but actually it is not

I do know that the more I know, the more I realize that I do not know.  The more I know of God, the more fascinated I am by Him.  His love for me is not easy.  His love for me came at a great price.  His love is complete.  He loves all of me just like I am, and I love that.

God is not interested in my comfort.  He is after my heart.  I may want to hang on to parts of it that I did not realize that I was trying to hang on to.  He may have to use force to get me to give all of it up.  I believe that He does.

Thank you God for how you love me.

Kathy McBroom

One decision that I made at twelve changed all these other thirty-nine years for the better.  God loved me by sending His Son Jesus to die on a cruel cross.  He did this so that He could know us personally.  Imagine!  We can have a relationship with the God of the universe.  We can know real peace and joy.  We can live for all eternity.  If you want more information about how to become a Christian, go to http://www.sbc.net/knowjesus/theplan.asp.



Can I help you with your next women’s event?  All love offerings will be used for my mission trip to Haiti in 2015.


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