The Birthday of Two Kings

This is a post from 2014 (you will be able to tell by some of the details.  Merry Christmas)

I love London, and I have been blessed to be able to visit there three times.  As a teacher leader of an educational group for high school students, I have been to many countries that I otherwise would not have been able to afford to visit.  I could live in London.  I love the Big Ben, the London eye, the black taxis…I have often wondered if God placed me in the wrong country. I am also intrigued by the royal family.In the wee hours of the morning, I have watched two royal weddings. On my last trip to London Will and Kate were dating, and we toured St. Andrews, Scotland, home of the University of St. Andrews where they met.  I was thrilled. Much excitement has surrounded the birth of their son George, the future king.

Imagine a king born in a stable,  an ordinary child to ordinary parents.  Scripture paints a much different story with an angel appearing to Mary and Joseph to tell them about their special son.  He would be a long awaited Savior.  Wise men came with gifts to celebrate His birth, following a star.  So if this child was so special, why was he born in a barn? Quite possibly to show us that He was a King for all people.  Most everyone I know ends up in Walmart, searching for that one can of something that they just ran out of. This King was born for ordinary people that God doesn’t think are so ordinary. He’s our king, and He came to save me.  And I needed saving.

I would imagine that this King’s first, second or third birthday might not have been met with much fanfare.  When one of these other birthdays rolled around, I can imagine that at least one young mother with a baby born around the same time Jesus was said something like, “There, see, Jesus is not so special.  Wise men, stars and all that when he was born, but look; nothing now. Ha, a king…”,

I would imagine that every birthday of little Prince George, Will and Kate’s son, there will be the best of the best of everything.  Gifts will be sent to him from strangers, and the media will spend hours covering his birthday. Much faith will be put in him to someday make England a better country.

This Christ child changed the world.  He changed everything.  He changed everything for me and He wants to for you.  This Christmas season embrace this hope that has come in the form of a baby.  Understand that the baby grew up, became a man and willingly died on a cross to take the sin penalty that had to be paid.  Now if only you and I will believe in Him, we can have peace now and forever.

There is a heaven.  There is a hell, but let’s go back to there is a heaven. This is not all there is.  Friend, you can spend eternity with the Creator Who longs to know you.  You can have peace in this life.  You can be saved from eternity in hell, but you can also be saved from the hell on this earth that can sometimes hit.

Here’s how:

1.  Admit that you are imperfect, a sinner and need a Savior.

2. Pray, talking to our Creator God, asking Jesus to come into your life, take it and save you today and forever.

3.  Get a Bible or go online and read the book of John.  This book tells you all about this King Jesus Who loves you and wants so badly to know you that He died for you.

This is the best Christmas present you can give to yourself.

Merry Christmas!

Kathy McBroom


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