Exhaustion on Steroids: Encouraging Words at the Half Semester Mark

As I lay here on my mattress that is laying on the floor in our apartment eating some kind of baked/fried green beans, I am staring at my doterra diffuser. I have On Guard oil running through it. I don’t sell stuff, but the other night I felt I was starting to get an earache that some sick kids shared with me. I really do love them but not that much. I put a dot of On Guard behind my ear, a drop right in front of it and I slept with the diffuser blowing right on me with On Guard in it. Earache gone. No lie. Get some now-my daughter sells this stuff.  But, that is not what this blog is about.

Doterra Diffuser & On Guard Doterra oil
Doterra Diffuser & On Guard Doterra oil

I am so tired my hair hurts. I am starving but too tired to eat anything but these beans. I think Fall Break made me more tired.

Maybe it’s my blood. Maybe it is the fact that I was up at 5:00 am and never sat down until 3:30.  Tired…

I have eaten my lunch as you have also in 20 minutes or less or not eaten at all.  You newbies have perfected that now because it is October.  You have now developed your bladder of steel, holding what you thought to be a “gotta go now” for at least another hour.  We have now managed to develop (or for some of us experienced teachers, remembered) your dark side, the one that keeps those kiddos in line.  The one that loves them but sees all and knows all.  When a high school student, such as those I teach, says that rule is stupid, you respond with an “I do not care” without feeling at all heartless.  It might not have been my most Christ like moment, but I am pretty sure that God doesn’t allow much whining from us either.

Let’s consider some things that you may need to do to survive now and you are doing much more than survive, right?  I know I can hear an “Amen” or two.

  1.  Get away from it.  Don’t do what you are tempted to do and spend the majority of your off time planning and thinking.  Take all the short cuts you can find.  Some things matter, and some things don’t.  All those papers that you are staring at, grade what you must and file 13 baby, all the way.
  2. Take a day off.  If you have not taken a day off yet, it may be time.  Call it a mental health day.  A sick preventation day.  When I feel I am coming down with something, I have learned the hard way to stop, rest, drink tons of water and liquids, take vitamins, sniff the On Guard, and in 24 hours, I feel like a new person. I am remembering a certain day early in my career back in the single days when Martha Brasher, Jodi Prince and possibly some other room mates of mine all called in sick and laid in bed, watched movies, ordered a pizza, and it was totally worth it. I haven’t taken a day off this semester either by the way.  It’s time.
  3. Take those personal days.  I do not mean to offend you in any way, but I have never understood those who save their personal days to let them turn into sick days and build up.  WHY????  They are there for you–take them.  I love to take a day during the Christmas season, take my girls and go spend the night near a great mall and shop.  Plan it now!
  4. Do not let those evaluations get to you.  Keep doing everything as if you are working for the Lord because you are (Col 3:23).  You do not work for a principal, school system or man in any form.  Follow this biblical principle, praying constantly for direction.  I am a control freak and when a rubric says that 5 is the best, I want a 5.  When I get evaluated any less, I come unglued.  You gotta let that go.  Just as our students can not do all those things on our standards that astronomical, we teachers can’t either.  I have been marked down for some dumb stuff–seriously.  It is the enemy trying to discourage
    The elephant in the room?  Actually this elephant is right after you cross the state line into Tennessee-please don't judge us
    The elephant in the room? Actually this elephant is right after you cross the state line into Tennessee-please don’t judge us

    you, and we do not go down that easily.  Do your best, correct what needs correcting, and let it go.  And wouldn’t it be great if in every profession we came in contact with we could pull out a rubric, begin scoring and say “Out of 5 I give you a 3 because I don’t see your objectives posted.”  A doctor might respond with, “I am a doctor.  I seek to heal sick people.  That’s what I do everyday. Some get better: some don’t.  Some listen: some don’t.  That’s not my fault and doesn’t affect the fact that I am good.”  I think you see the stupidity in all this as I do.

Find time for God’s Word in your day.  He can do all things and can change things on a dime.  I am keeping the prayer lines going these days regarding school, and God is doing some small and large things.  Most of all, He is changing me and I can be so me centered unless He continues to teach me other wise.

Our enemy is real, Christ followers.  He is out to kill you, steal you, and destroy everything you’ve ever done.

Not today, enemy.

“‘You will not have to fight this battle. Take up your positions; stand firm and see the deliverance the LORD will give you, Judah and Jerusalem. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged. Go out to face them tomorrow, and the LORD will be with you.'”

2 Chronicles 20:17


Kathy McBroom



  1. Thanks for your encouragement. I agree–take those personal days. They can renew you. Spend some time with the Lord and remember what you does matter. Your worth does not come from what others think of you. It comes from how the Lord sees you.


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