Joy in the Mourning

This has been a tough summer.  My father passed away, and one month ago today, my brother and I spoke at his funeral at the request of my mom.  The day I returned from Tennessee having wrapped up everything after the funeral, I interviewed for a new teaching position and was hired that day.  A few days later, my husband and I had the closing in order to buy our new house.  That night I traveled two hours and spoke at a women’s retreat.  That same night I traveled home and the team from our church left for Haiti.  Since we have been back from Haiti, we have spent almost every waking moment moving things or painting something.

Women of Hope Retreat 2016  Angela–the tallest pretty blonde, is coming to Little Flock Oct 1!

I got to meet a wonderful sister in the Lord who said, “You know those tests you can take to see a scale of how much stress you are under?  I think you rank at the top.”  I agree.

But it has been good. Not surface level good, but a deep good.  My dad was ready to die, and I got to spend some precious time with him before he left this world.  I wasn’t ready to let him go, but that’s my selfishness talking.  God was good in that at the funeral, we got to see so many friends and family that we hadn’t seen in awhile, and the church I grew up in was packed.  We had no idea that so many people would attend his funeral.  We have a new house.  We have been living in a rental house for a little more than six months and have waited for the right house.  God made it clear that this was it.  It is a great house.  I got to present the gospel to a group of ladies that were so precious.  One young lady gave her heart to Jesus that night, and she was one that many had prayed for over a long period of time.  Prior to that night, she said she just didn’t believe.  That night, God did a miracle in her heart.

13567133_10209703289248286_4335242551413075221_nIn Haiti we spent time with precious kids, and brothers and sisters in Christ.  I got to tell some of the cutest girls I have ever seen, “Jezi loves ou” which is partly Haiti Creole and partly English, but they understood and repeated it over and over again.  I was privileged to speak to a church full of Haitian ladies, again presenting the gospel.  The national religion for Haiti is voodoo.  Voodoo.  Let that sink in for just a moment.  It was a good summer.

For weeks after dad’s funeral, I sang this song.  I thought I would share it with you.  If you have had a difficult summer, know that God is good.  Even in our worst moments, there is no denying a cross and a Savior that provided freedom.  My dad is experiencing true freedom in Christ right now.  So, today I celebrate my dad’s first month in heaven.  Time will heal my broken heart, and a dwelling on God’s Word that reminds me of the peace I know through Christ.

I hope today you know that peace also.

No More Night by David Phelps

No more night, no more pain
No more tears, never crying again
And praises to the great, “I AM”
We will live in the light of the risen Lamb

No More Night by David Phelps

Now time to get back in teacher mode…

Kathy McBroom

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