Unforgiveness–A Destiny Blocker :Dr Tony Evans

When I was little, my parents would turn on the TV to a gospel music show called “Jubilee”.  As I grew up, the TV in our living room was always on a pastor as we were getting ready for church.  Dr. Charles Stanley was an all time favorite.

As I became an adult, I picked up on that tradition.  It has become more than just a TV on as I am getting ready; it is a true Word from God.  Currently, Dr. Tony Evans seems to have a message straight from God just for me.  As he introduces the sermon, I start guessing what the topic will be.  Seriously, there must be a bug on our house.

This week the topic is forgiveness.  It is a must listen to.  Here are some quotes from it so that you will realize that maybe God needs you to play this while you are doing dishes tomorrow, or does your maid do that?  Yeah, right.

Two momental points from this sermon on forgiveness:

  1.  You know you have forgiven when you don’t drag other people who had nothing to do with this sin.
  2. You know you have forgiven when make the offender feel at ease with you.

True forgiveness will help the offender to forgive themselves when they have asked you to forgive them.


Dr Tony Evans: Forgiveness

Teachers friends, have a good week.  It’s FEBRUARY.  The home stretch is within sight.



Going back to Haiti this summer.  Appreciate the prayers for that country.  Specifically, pray for funding.  God always provides.



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