When Can You Trust Your Conscience?

I heard 3 great sermons Sunday. It is my routine to listen to Dr. Tony Evans and Dr. Charles Stanley, who has been my “main man” for as long as I can remember.

I also heard a great sermon from my pastor, Bro. Rodney Alexander.

In an earlier post I presented Dr. Tony Evans sermon and I am going to need to hear that again.  It was good-crazy good. But then came Dr Stanley’s His was so practical with his steps on how you can know that you can trust your conscience, a great reminder to all of us.

So here is a link to that one and I am going to post the one to my church.  If you are in the Shepherdsville are, you should come visit us.

Is Your Conscience Your Protector?  By Dr. Charles Stanley

My pastor brother Rodney’s sermon is available on Podcast on our web page:








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