Words of Wisdom from the Solo Sisters (Bahamas Carnival Cruise Edition) or This is What it Looks Like to be Free (Manic Monday Carnival Cruise Edition posted at the end)

On our Carnival Cruise to the Bahamas during Spring Break, much wisdom (or thoughts or ramblings or mumblings) came about.  We were made up of seven ladies of various ages and backgrounds-some divorced, some married, one single and not yet married, some grandmothers, one mom of teens and above, most from Kentucky with one having Tennessee roots and one from Georgia.  Our life experiences are as varied as we are.

We laughed until we cried, constantly.  We enjoyed the beauty of God’s creation and thanked Him over and over for allowing us to go.

We had long conversations on the decks as we gazed across an ocean that never ended, and as we became as shriveled as prunes, relaxing in the water while on an island.  We had some moments of much wisdom and, not so much.  And not everything we said I will reveal…

But here are some thoughts worth remembering.  Most are paraphrased (my memory is not that good).

“God is too good. And so is this Carnival Melting Chocolate Cake.”

The only peace is peace Jesus gives.

“God has a purpose and a plan for each of us…and it is an abundantly prosperous one and so much more than this world has to offer.”  Cyndi Zuberer

“There is no condemnation in Christ.  Freedom, ladies, freedom.” Kathy McBroom  I mentioned that every time we ate, a lot, again and again.

“I have laughed so much that my face is going to look like the Joker.”

“Free.  God has set me free.  I am no longer in bondage to the world and those of the world for my God has set me free.”  Kim Houston

Some of our ladies have been through divorce that rocked their world.  They are living proof of survival, brave women who have trusted God and trust Him daily.

“God has blessed me beyond measure, beyond my imagination.  When I first signed on for this cruise, I thought of how wonderfully gracious God has been to me and I knew I would be blown away by the sights and experiences of the ocean and islands and sunsets, but He blessed me with so much more by deepening my relationships with my wonderful sisters and Him!  I am so blessed! “ Peggy Mills

And that my friends is why ladies need each other.  I know I need my sisters. Your life like ours may not be perfect, but well, we don’t care.  They are a beautiful story of victory.

At the bottom of this, I am including all my Manic Monday posts from the cruise.




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