Teachers, It’s that time again…

Yep.  August is upon us.  We must now march into a “Yay! School is back in and we are so excited about the new school year!” meeting all knowing that we are not that excited.  For me, so many of my friends are retiring-HOW AM I STILL HERE?

I tend to get on my phone, make to do lists, text a friend (y’all know who you are) saying, “Call me NOW!” while sitting in those first PDs.  Now, note to older, more experienced teachers: they once were called Inservice meetings, then it went to professional developments, and then it dropped to just PDs.  When I first heard it called a PD, I had to ask, “What is that?” And you know, I HATE educational acronyms.  I don’t know why-they just grate my nerves.  Maybe I am just in a bad mood because my shortest ever summer is now over.  When did it start?

This August I will be posting all encouraging blogs that are for just us.  I am putting back on my teacher’s hat, so I am going to need some encouraging. Some of these blogs will fit my younger friends, those young puppies straight out of college.  I love their freshness.  I don’t want them to throw in the towel after the first two weeks.  My grandchildren someday need good teachers, and I know the value of us.  We change the world everyday.

Teaching is not for the fainthearted.  It is only for the called.  I am called.  Are you?

So, here’s to us.

The blogs will begin soon. Until then, go sit outside, enjoy the peace and quiet, go pee when you want to, continue that makeup conservation plan for a few more days, eat some SUGAR for me (some of you know I am breaking up with sugar, which puts me in a foul mood somedays, so maybe you should try it to-see if it helps to establish discipline), now don’t worry about how you look in a bathing suit:), enjoy life.  God is good.  Here are some pictures from our summer.

Comment and send me your top 3 summer pictures!

Ziplining in Rachel’s hometown, Harlan, Ky.
Mammoth Cave, our 4 hour hike through it on staycation. Did I mention it was 4 hours?
Fell in love with Ecuador
Appalachian mountains

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