What Day Are You On?

This was written in 2012. I lost a dear friend to cancer. It still is so painful, but here is a snippet of some moments that we had together, and how God spoke to me then and speaks to all of us now especially in our darkest times. I still miss her with all my heart.

“No, in all things we are more than conquerors through Him Who loved us”  Romans 8:37

My dear friend Teresa Layne has cancer.  It has gotten more serious in recent months and caused concern for all.  Many of us know the routine all too well: maybe a problem, maybe not, testing, and the verdict: cancer.  Then comes more testing and the awful wait time. I recently told Teresa, “I don’t know how you do it.”

Believe me though, cancer is no respecter of persons.  I have often wondered why Teresa has this, and I do not.  If God were to pick the worst of the two people to take this journey, He would have chosen me.  This has been a source of guilt for me, but I must trust in an all-knowing, Sovereign God. If Teresa’s faith has been shaken, we have not seen it.  She trusts God totally and told me early on in this, “I’ve prayed about God’s purpose for me, and this must be it.”

Teresa’s four children attend Trinity Christian Academy along with one of mine.  A rumor circulated from one of our precious little ones at TCA that Teresa had only thirty days to live.  Instead of this undermining her confidence and cutting her to the core, she laughed. Laughed! When she told me, I asked her, “So, what day are you on?”  This has now became a theme for us. In my heart I have wondered how she can laugh in the face of such uncertainty.

But, I think I know.  Exactly what does this world have to offer us?  What does this world of shopping malls, texting and the latest texting gadgets, an endless race to make the perfect motorized vehicle, money and lack of it, the constant competition of who’s the best athlete or top model, our obsession with watching someone’s troubled life on TV, and of course, flat screen, large HD now 3D TVs, Botox, hair coloring, tanning bed and weight loss obsessions…you get the picture…what does this world have to offer me?  Absolutely nothing.

Being quite honest, the heartbreak of the possibility of leaving our family and close friends is the only thought that could gnaw at us if we are called to be on a journey similar to Teresa’s .  Family is a huge blessing of this life. Thinking of missing important events in our children’s lives could be too much to bear. One might be tempted to believe that he/she is being punished or think thoughts such as “Why me? This isn’t fair.”  I teach high school, and I have often wondered how unfair it is that many of my students are born into an alcoholic, abusive family. Many have parents that are totally disconnected from their children and seem not to care about their well-being. Sickness and disease sometimes strike at a young age: is this fair?

We would be totally at a loss if it were not for Jesus.  When we look at our Savior, He can understand the concept of unfairness, don’t you think?  Just like for Jesus and the cross, what Satan intended for bad, God uses for God. God does something only He can do in that we can laugh like Teresa in the face of uncertainty and fear.  If we have a saving relationship with Jesus Christ, then I am promised Disney World times a billion the moment I take my last breath. I will see Jesus which is more than enough, but I believe next I will get to see all those who have gone before me.  Since both of my children and my husband are saved, we will be together forever. Heaven is greater than we can fathom. I believe God’s Word does not give us too many specifics because if we knew how great it was, we would be killing ourselves to go there-literally.  This side of heaven I must ask God to line up my will with His. I believe He can do that. Since He can heal anyone anytime, I must accept that His ways are always going to be a mystery to me.

So today what day are you on?  Are you existing or living? Have you looked at the beauty of nature and worshipped the One Who created it?  Have you hugged the ones you love and pointed them to the Savior? Have you laughed today? Do you know my best friend Jesus?  If not, why not ask Him to come into your life today and give you all of heaven forever? I don’t know where I would be this side of heaven without His peace.  With Him, we are more than conquerors.

Today I live.  Today I celebrate life and the One Who gave it.

I will be returning to the mission field this summer and could always use prayer cover and/or financial support. Below is how you can give. Check my Facebook for how you can pray as the summer approaches and missions do also.

In our last conversation, Teresa said, “Please, tell them about Jesus.” So off I will go.

Little Flock Baptist Church Donation Form-make one of these if you want the tax deduction.

Name:  ________________________________________________________________________

Address:  ________________________________________________________________________

Check my Facebook for updates on during our trip and constant prayer requests.

Checks are to be made out to:  Little Flock Baptist Church. (Make sure that you write missions on the “For” line at the bottom of your check so that you can get the tax deduction.) 

Address:  Little Flock Baptist Church 5500 N Preston Hwy, Shepherdsville, KY 40165

My friend Gina who became a Christian last year while I was on mission in Ecuador

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