Carol Brady and Me

Written July 10, 2012

Proverbs 31:30 “Charm is deceptive, and beauty is fleeting; but a woman who fears the Lord is to be praised.”

Have you ever wondered what Carol Brady ever actually did? Let’s think about that for a moment.

I remember the episode that included a grocery trip, but when she did cook, Alice was always there helping her. To be quite honest, Alice was doing most of the cooking. I don’t remember Carol washing dishes, but there might have been a time when she was.

I don’t recall her collecting, washing and putting away clothes. Hmm, I seem to need to do that quite often. There was the episode that had the laundry room full of suds, but Bobby caused that, and Alice was right there to help.

I don’t recall her ever feeding Tiger. You know he must have eaten, and someone fed him, right? Gee, moms, wonder who did that?

I do remember an early show in which the girls collected stamps for a sewing machine. I have seen Carol sewing something, but it didn’t look major. She did some needlepoint. With a maid, she could have time for that, but few of the rest of us that might have six kids wouldn’t.

What about house cleaning? No, if I remember Alice took care of that. I remember the family painting a boat once, and Carol helped with that.

With six kids, didn’t several need picking up from a sport, a dance practice, a game, possibly all at the same time? I never remember seeing her driving much. After all, I remember just one car except for the one Greg got in high school. How did they manage that?

Of course my point is that this was not a reflection of real life. I just returned from visiting my oldest daughter on mission in Kentucky. She is working with a wonderful young couple that have three small children. This mom is raising little men and women of God and pretty much that’s her life right now. I remember those days. Don’t you, moms? She is doing a wonderful job and looking as cute as she always has while she does it. Her beautiful smile shows that she understands that this is God’s will for her, even though some days are lonely and frustrating.

Some of you raised your babies alone. Divorce happened, and dad became “missing in action”. Some dads can say that this happened with them in reverse.

Some days, you just want to give up. You are tired, dirty, everything is sticky, you never want to watch the Disney channel again, but yet you move forward. “What’s in it for me?”, you want to ask.

You know the answer to this. I wish we could all start talking about all the blessings of motherhood right now, in some weird conversation together. I can recall those first “I love you, mommy”s. Those never end, by the way, for those of you going through the small children phase right now. My oldest daughter sent me a text about a week before my other daughter and I went to visit her saying, “When are you coming up? I miss you and am ready to see you.” Those moments you never forget.

Be encouraged, moms and dads also. Your job is not easy because it is not a job; it is a calling. Our children are our biggest mission field. I must teach my children to love the Lord with everything. Imagine how many people we can touch if I am successful as a parent. One set of parents raised a pretty awesome son who went to a cross and changed the world. And, I don’t think they had an “Alice”, just faith in a God Who can do all things, including show all of us how to raise our children in His ways.

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