Field of Dreams

Happy Mother’s Day! For all you moms going through the middle school sports years, you just never know what could happen.

Life in Paris

Field of Dreams
May 10, 2009 is a Mother’s Day that I and all the mothers and fathers of the 95 Rush Soccer team will never forget. My fourteen year old daughter Hannah’s soccer team was in the state championship game that day. The game went into two five minute overtimes after a 1-1 tie. After the overtimes did not produce a winner, next came the penalty kicks. Each team walked slowly to midfield and sat down. Hannah’s team linked arms, walking out as one. Each team would choose five players who would try to score a goal while the opposing teams’ goalie tried to block it. The pressure was immense. I hid behind my oldest daughter Rachel, unable to watch.
Early on in Hannah’s soccer season, we moms started gathering to pray before each game. This being the state championship weekend was certainly no different. Throughout the weekend as…

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