Dear God, As a teacher starting a new school year, help me to remember the most important things…

Dear God,

As I start a new school year, help me to remember the most important things and to keep them always in front of my face.

  • Help me to remember that I am in the school and with the children that you are designed that I would be this school year
  • Help me to look at those children with my heart and not my eyes
  • Help me to pray  for them and their stressed families often because only You God can make a difference, not a teacher
  • Each time I drive by a lower rent area, see mamas and children piling out of a car that can’t possibly go any further, or stand in line next to a mama who is screaming at her child while the child stands in humiliation that many of my children face this everyday.
  • Help me to remember that the only peace many experience is in my classroom and I must fight to have a peaceful classroom

Reelfoot Lake in Tennessee
  • Help me to remember that I may be the only caring adult he/she knows, and if I don’t care, who will?
  • Help me to love them if they stink, have lice or give me the flu, knowing that I will quickly get over it and he/she may not.
  • Help me to remember that test scores don’t matter regardless of what people above me may say, but little lives do.
  • Help me to chunk a lesson plan at least once a month in exchange for something fun because we must smile and laugh more
  • Help me never to judge because many doctors, lawyers and just good hard working citizens didn’t start out very well. Help me to remember how I got into trouble and some thought I would amount to nothing. (Read Dr. Ben Carson’s story)
  • Help me last to NEVER let school junk keep me out of God’s house on Sunday, from reading His Word, and from being involved in ministry that He has called me to do. None of the school junk will matter in a five years or even one year.
  • Let’s commit to show peace, love and the value of all lives to our students this year. If our test scores suffer, let’s all go down together. We can all go to another country and teach children that desperately want to learn and have no resources for that.

    On a lighter note, God,  help me to never watch Dr. Oz because I am reminded of all the things wrong with me, and I am stressed about all the things I need to do.  I ain’t got time for that.

    Changing the world with you, teachers.

    Kathy McBroom

    PS:  Thanks for your encouraging messages & comments .  Each one means so much.


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