A Christmas of Change

This Christmas brings a lot of change for us: Robert will begin as pastor of Point Pleasant Baptist Church in Buchanan, TN January 1. My plan was to put the house on the market, look for a job and move when either of those happened. In a stunning bittersweet turn of events, our house sold in 24 hours. 24 hours, and they want us out by the 1st week of January.

I now have no job, we have a lead on a house to rent, and I am packing like a madwoman. Movers will take care of us, but since we will be renting, I am packing things that we will need. I have a few days left to say goodbye to my 8th graders. Change it is a coming.

Christmas can be difficult for me. If you have read my other blog posts regarding Christmas, we as a family have survived a very difficult one years ago. The pain has lessened, but it never truly goes away. Today would have been my uncle, my second dad’s birthday, but he passed this year.

So, I am thanking God. I refuse to be an Israelite. God is leading us to new friends and adventures. God will supply all our needs: housing, job for me or the finances to make it on odd jobs that I can find.

This I will remember: God is not a bankrupt God. He promises to never leave us. I trust Him for so many reasons. He is asking me to not just have faith in Him for all eternity but to have faith in Him for today. I must trust Him for my daily bread, whatever form that bread looks like.

This past summer while on mission in Ecuador, my interpreter, a sweet girl from my church Grace Gipson and I were walking the streets trying to invite people to our events, give away bibles, and just start conversations. We were having luck. I made the statement that we are about to hit the jackpot. God is about to do something. I said it hoping it was actually true! We rounded a corner and found a group of fishermen and female friends and children all gathered around playing cards. When we started talking, one man said, “Please tell us why you are here.” This lead to a wonderful conversation about our faith in Christ and almost the entire crowd asking us to bring them a bible.

God has something big just around the corner. We need to get excited about what that is. I need to pray and lay those burdens down. I must quit trying to figure out how some things will work out and just enjoy Christmas.

Dr. Tony Evans is one of my favorite pastors. God is using him greatly to speak to me. This sermon is another one that I have listened to recently that just knocked my socks off. Recently, I have been listening to his sermons more than once because they are so rich in wisdom for me right now.

Here are a few quotes from it hopefully to entice you to listen to the rest of it.

“There is a difference between concern and worry. Concern you control; worry controls you.”

“The way to have joy is by rejoicing in the Lord. Joy is in the rejoicing in Him, not in our circumstances.’

“Be happy: Don’t worry” by Dr Tony Evans


Our family to changing yet again, and this Spring we will have one more wedding. Lots of change to us.

God has much in store for us. As we tell our precious church family goodbye this Sunday, we anxiously await the next chapter.

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