Life in Paris (Tennessee, that is)

We have opened a new chapter of life, so I thought it was a great time to revamp this blog.  January 1 Robert became pastor of Point Pleasant Baptist Church.  From the moment he said, “Kathy, I feel God leading me to pastor a church again”, I knew everything changed.

When we put our house on the market in December, it sold in 24 hours.  Wow! I was totally blind sided by that.  I had a great job at a wonderful middle school, and suddenly, I had to say goodbye.  Goodbye to middle schoolers is tough.  They become a piece of your heart.  I still think of them and miss them.  I wonder about all their life details, and how those things are going.  I pray that God is taking care of them. I miss teacher friends. I miss living near the great city of Louisville where bourbon and horses are king. I really miss Heine Brothers coffee, the Caramel Vanilla Iceberg and Cafe LuLu’s Shrimp and Grits.

I now find myself without a job.  An unemployed teacher-what do I do?  The first week I had to fight off the feeling that I had forgotten something or that I should be doing something.  Still on Sundays I get a little anxious.  Where did the Sunday blues go?  Believe me, I don’t miss them.  My new Henry County teachers, I pray for you as I drive by your schools.  I know what you are going through.  Thank you.

The second week I began to try to get life organized.  I tried to meet people and just relax.   I love our new hometown and our church, especially our church. I love being back in the South.  Ain’t no place like home.

We loved our former church family, especially my “Solo Sistas”, but God has brought us to a good place. *Solo Sistas, here’s the link to cabins that are up the road from us-road trip?

My Solo Sistas from Little Flock and one best buddy forever, I thought if I threw this picture in they might all feel guilty and plan a trip, Did it work?

The third week we had to put our dog of 17 years to sleep.  It was one of the hardest things I have had to do, and I still miss my buddy.  Dogs are one of God’s best blessings.


So, as I do life in Paris, I will now write always about God’s goodness, but about our this new season.  Eventually I will get a job.  Work is good.  It is easy to lose sight of your purpose without a job.  I am trusting that God will show me what that will look like.

So far I have discovered Java Joe’s Coffee (fabulous), Sweet Jordan’s (also fabulous food and ice cream), and my favorite flower shop Jack Jones Flowers and Gifts.  I might even be lucky enough to work for the flower shop some.  You should go by Sweet Jordan’s and read their businesses’ story.  I love it!

So, if you are a Paris or Henry County person, and you happen to read this, tell me what else I need to try.  We have left the 4 lane interstate life and gone to the land of rivers and lakes.  Also, as we were walking tonight, I heard a mourning dove, which in my mind is a staple of the South.

Mourning Doves

Kathy McBroom

PS: We live right behind Hank Williams, Jr. Really wanted to go by his house on Super Bowl Sunday and hold up a sign that said, “Are you ready for some football?” He probably gets tired of that:)

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