How Am I to Continue Not Living in Fear During COVID 19? “Victory Over Fear” Dr. Charles Stanley

Last week was a tough week for us.  It was as if the whole world was caving in.  We have been social distancing, staying in, now wearing masks and continuing to live our new normal.  But the constant news updates that are gut wrenching, the wondering when this will end and life will be normal again or will it ever be normal again, and the life events that are so important that are now being postponed or cancelled just seemed to loom over me like a dark cloud.  None of our little inconveniences compare to the loss of loved ones, the daily battles that our healthcare workers face, the loss of jobs and the crash of our economy.

How do we are Christ followers continue living with a sense of peace in this storm?  I am speaking to Christ followers here because I am one.  What about those of you who are not sure that God exists?  How could a loving God allow such suffering?  Endless questions flood my mind each day.

I want to give you a few truths from God’s Word.  Then I want to give you a sermon that is awesome.  When I was little, on Sunday morning as our family was preparing to go to church which was not an option, Dad would have on a show called “Gospel Singing Jubilee”. My husband’s family had a similar routine, so we sometimes just burst out into the theme song.  I have included a video clip of that for you young puppies that have no idea what I am talking about.  The song gets in your brain.  You are welcome.

But that habit of getting us up to church each Sunday morning changed my life.  Thank you mom and dad. When I moved out, I continued this tradition of finding a “get me ready for church” something on TV.  I came across a pastor named Dr. Charles Stanley.  I have listened to him, read his books and completed his bible studies ever since.  This sermon below spoke to my fear.

God’s truths that haven’t and will not change:

He will never leave us or forsake us

His Word the Bible (please be reading it now) lets us know that this world is full of trouble.  Jesus overcame all that trouble, and we can also by faith in Him and a daily relationship of praying and reading His Word.

He loves us regardless.  All of us. If we don’t love Him back, He still loves us.

This week is Easter.  I have NEVER been more thankful for Jesus for “He is our peace”.  There is no peace outside of Christ.  I will gladly talk to you about it anytime.  I know Who I believe in.  I am right.

So, please listen to Dr. Charles Stanley as you are staying in. It will refresh your soul or hopefully inspire you to begin a relationship with Jesus.  That’s a game changer in the middle of COVID 19.

Victory Over Fear

Gospel Singing Jubilee clip

Gospel Jubilee Show-10 minutes for my Mama’s Enjoyment

One year ago this week my uncle died.  He died on Easter Sunday.  As I sat many hours by his bedside, we listening to a lot of Southern gospel which he loved.  This song I had played as the casket left his church at his funeral.  He knew Jesus, and he is living in Canaan now.

“Living in Canaan Now” by the Happy Goodmans

Fellow Parisians, enjoy the lake.  Practice social distancing but that can be done on a boat in the water:)


Unfortunately, this is at Paris Landing State Park and it is closed, but someday soon, it will open.

Praying for you Henry County and beyond,

Kathy McBroom

May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing ...

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