My Selfish Coronavirus Attitude

Tears filled my eyes as I drove six hours home. Our first grandchild is on the way, and our daughter had an appointment that concerned her. I like any good parent drove six hours, sat in the clinic parking lot for three hours, stayed alone in a less than desirable hotel and then drove six hours back home the next day. 

I hate this virus. I am sick of it.  Bold honesty. I am tired of having to adjust my life according to the latest number of cases. Months ago I quit listening to news. I don’t want to hear about it. I found myself getting extremely anxious when I was listening to the daily reports. Fear would be fueled with every report. Not being able to go near my elderly mom was and is agony. We have been together now, and gotten her out of her house, but with many precautions. I have listened as my mom cried from not being able to gather with her church family. More importantly, I have friends who have lost their parents to this virus.

I am an educator and a pastor’s wife. What a mess! Regardless of what you do, someone is unhappy. I can’t be with my daughter when she is having her first child. The bottom line is that we are all so tired of this virus.

Boy, am I an Israelite. Let’s see: they cried out for a deliverer and got one. God allowed them to see great miracles as He brought them out of bondage and provided for their every need. While they complained, He provided manna, quail and even water from a rock. When they faced a Red Sea and things looked grim, He divided that sea, and they walked across it on dry ground. Dry ground, not mud. Quail, not crows or a bird not fit to eat. 

Kathy McBroom, Israelite. 

Now let me practice taking every thought captive and remember that this, now of this, is about me or my comfort or happiness.

How about I pray and allow God to change my thinking?

Thank you, God for every health care worker trying desperately to stop the spread of this virus, thereby saving lives while putting theirs at risk. 

Thank you, God for our teachers who are trying to navigate online teaching, face to face teaching while wearing a shield and/or mask for eight hours.  Use us to encourage them as they teach our kids how to stay six feet apart at all times and wear a mask.

Thank you God for our policemen and women. We live in an evil world, and it will never be perfect, but thank you Lord for those who protect us.

Finally, and more personally, thank you God for all our pastors. In the face of adversity, they continue to speak the peace of Jesus to a society who desperately needs peace in this storm. As church members are ready for the old way to return, pastors continue to take measures to protect their flock. Again use us to encourage them. Help us all to be grateful that we can still gather in some way if we can.

That feels a lot better. 

Oh God, continue to build my faith in You. I have no idea what your plan is, but I know your plan is to teach me build faith in a world of absolute madness.

Never missing a chance to show off my granddaughter.



  1. Hi! I’m such a fan, Kathy. My husband and I were just saying the same thing! This is awful. I’m so sad we can’t travel as much as we used to. 💗


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