“Your Life Is Not Your Own: Your Life Is A Life On Loan” Fabulous Sermon by Jonathan Evans (Farsighted Living)

This sermon is a must listen. The scriptural basis for it is Matthew 25, the story of the master who gave talents to three of his servants to return at a later date to check on what he had entrusted them with. Jonathan Evans shares interesting in to this story. Each slave used his talents very differently.

The first two slaves grew their talents and were able to give back more than they were given. Not the last slave though.

The last slave who did nothing but bury his talents, only to give it back when the master returned was called wicked and lazy by the master. The other two slaves who had increased their talents to some degree were fine. What happened? On the surface, it might seem cruel for the master to refer to that last slave in such a way, but God’s Word hardly ever speaks to the surface level.

Pastor Jonathan Evans, son of Dr. Tony Evans, a former NFL player and now the chaplain for the Dallas Cowboys, provides interesting insight. Here are some of his comments, most of which are paraphrased since I am not a good note taker.

All we have has been entrusted to us by God.

The master in the story is Jesus. He has given us many blessings, gifts and abilities, and one day He is coming back. All believers who have put all their hope and faith in Jesus will be taken home, but salvation is free: inheritance is not. Much like I will always be Blake and Dale Jolley’s daughter, I am not and did not earn that by what I have done. If I am given anything from them when they are gone (and my mom would say that there is nothing to give), that is optional.

According to Evans, the perspective of that last slave makes all the difference. He possibly wanted to retrieve it at a later date just for himself. After all, why should he do all this work just to hand over all the returns to the master?
The master returning…really? That seemed alittle far fetched. Just like Jesus returning someday, well, isn’t that just something believed by some people?

Many Christians have this same attitude. They come to church on Sunday and basically check a box and head out for the week.
Those believers will go to heaven, but every day they miss out on peace, joy and contentment that comes from serving Jesus.
As for the question of Jesus’ return, if one part of the Bible is true, it all is. Therefore, Jesus is coming back.
Many believers on that day will be running to the King, while some could be feeling a sense of “Yay, but did it have to be today?”

Today listen to this sermon. You will enjoy it. Then, commit to reading God’s Word, be continuous in prayer, be in church Sunday, and listen as God’s Holy Spirit that lives inside of believers leads you. Obey, and let God lead you on a glorious adventure.

Join us Sunday morning at Point Pleasant Baptist Church, Springville, TN. We would love to have you.

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