Death Brings New Life

The picture below tells the story of my day on September 3, 2020.  On that day our first granddaughter was born.  On that day, our house cat of sixteen years died.  

Let me be clear: a cat’s life doesn’t compare to a baby’s life.  

 As the week began, we did not see these two events happening simultaneously. Our granddaughter was due, but the cat was healthy. Inducing labor had been mentioned, as our little Caroline Rae didn’t seem interested in leaving her watery world. As the week progressed, events began to unfold.  Our cat suddenly began declining.  It was obvious that she was leaving us.  Caroline Rae was set to have her world interrupted with induction. On Wednesday, September 2nd, our daughter and son in law checked into the hospital. The cat became progressively worse. Everything culminated on Thursday.  Being six hours away from my daughter, I checked my phone for constant baby updates.  I also checked on our cat Faith every 30-45 minutes.  

Watching the cat pass was agonizing. 

One moment I was all smiles and excitement.  The nest was agony.

Neither event was moving quickly. “I need God to either take this cat home or bring that baby in the world,” I thought over and over.  Watching our beloved cat die who had been with our daughters most of their lives was gut wrenching. As the hours passed, I wondered how long this could possibly go on.

God always knows what He is doing.  As God’s plan unfolded, Caroline Rae came into the world. At about the same time, Faith passed away.

Strange.  “It would make great wonderings on the topic of reincarnation, “ we joked.

At the moment my heart was overjoyed, it was also broken.

One death, and one new life.

Thus the story of Jesus.  Something as awful as a grueling death on a cross ended with resurrection and new life. 

For Mary, this must have been agony, beyond agony.  Did God reveal to her that this death would end with a resurrection? 

One horrific event leading to new life for all who believe.  

In my family, great memories and new adventures await.  In Jesus new life begins.

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