For These Things I Am Grateful: An Exercise in Gratitude

Many years ago at our annual Thanksgiving family meal, the Holy Spirit gently told me to stop and look around.  I was to take this moment in.  I did.  It almost brought me to tears.  I knew that like every moment in life, I would never pass this way again.  Several weeks later, my dad had a massive stroke which left him having to have full time care. He remained in this state with my mom by his side caring for him for nearly twelve years.  

For that moment, I am thankful.

Join me in being thankful for just a moment. Let some of my thoughts guide yours.

I am thankful for…

  1.  My husband.  He is the person that completes my life.  We are partners.
  2. My mom who is still with me.  I am thankful for our relationship and that for eighty-two years, I have had her. I am thankful that she is a great caretaker of all of us.
  3. My daughters.  I could go on and on.  They are my best friends.
  4. My son in laws.  I prayed for Godly men to marry my girls and expected God to do that, and He did. I do not take for granted this huge thing.  They are truly part of our family and my sons.
  5. My church family.  Whether we agree, disagree, laugh, cry, worship together or just fellowship, I am so thankful to grow with them.
  6. Being an American citizen. Again regardless of the situation, I want to live no where else.  I have traveled all over the world.  I know what life in other countries looks like.  My decision is well informed.  Beyond blessed to be born in America.
  7. My job.  I have been an English teacher and ELA teacher most of my life now.  I am currently working as an assistant in a Pre K-8th grade school.  (Thank a teacher assistant-we make beans) Why I am not in the classroom teaching is a mystery to me, but I am currently praying about accepting God’s will for me right now by keeping an attitude of gratitude about it. I also love this job. I get to spend time with kids, and I love kids.
  8. My extended family which includes my brother, his wife, their two children, my husband’s brother, his wife, their daughters and husbands.  I am thankful for them all.
  9. For the rest button that the pandemic has caused our nation to push.  When we have been forced to slow down, it has been needed.  No doubt staying in and away has been difficult, excruciating at times.  The loneliness, isolation and stress has taken a toll on all of us, but the down time and togetherness it has brought some families is good.  As a teacher, I can see the value in families being together.  Not all have made the best of that opportunity, but some have.

Now for random things, just for fun:



moist, fresh baked cookies

a beautiful sunset and sunrise 

our house

my vehicle


the color purple

little children


flowers especially when they bloom in the Spring

the 3:00 bell to go home

Dr. Pepper


a good cry


my girl friends-wow, that’s a big one


dogs-especially our part time dog-another story, another day

the United Kingdom


Popeye’s biscuits

Most of all, above all, Jesus.  I am thankful that God loves me, that years ago He brought me to an understanding of my need for HIm, I accepted that love by asking Jesus to save me, beginning this glorious adventure with HIm.  I am thankful for this journey.  It hasn’t always been an easy one.  I am not always in a mood for gratitude, but gratitude is an attitude that must be exercised.

Happy Thanksgiving, whatever it may look like this year.

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