Time to Celebrate: He’s Alive

Two years ago very early on Easter, my uncle passed away. He was my dad’s brother and a second dad to me and my brother. I miss him terribly, but make no mistake: he is very much alive today. He is walking the streets of gold in heaven because of his faith in Jesus Christ. God so loved the world that He gave His only Son. This time of year we see many crosses, but years ago that cruel cross meant freedom for those of us who believed in the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus. We have to not only believe that those events were real (a total act of faith to believe), but we also must pray, asking Jesus to save me. I realized years ago that I am not a good person regardless of how bad I wish I was. I need a Savior to save me from eternity in Hell and I need saving everyday from myself.
The natural me that I need saving from can be selfish, critical and anxious. The Holy Spirit is changing me and leading me to live free of those ways, letting Him lead me each day.
This Easter if you need saving, there is only one way to salvation: through Jesus, the One and Only Son of God. How do I know He is real? The Holy Spirit lives in me since the day I asked Jesus to save me. He leads me, showing me a life of trust in Him, not myself.

Sounds pretty good, huh? Make this Easter the best one ever. Trust in Jesus for eternity in paradise and peace everyday this aide of heaven.

And someday when I take my final breath, hello Jesus, all of paradise, my dad, my loved ones who have passed before me who had faith in Jesus and Uncle Jake.

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