Happy Birthday, Daddy

My first thought as I woke this morning was that today my dad would have been (then a few moments of math ensued) 86.

He was a man who loved his family and his church. I felt it only proper to share this. These are the types version of notes we found in his Bible. He was a deacon, a Sunday School teacher and gave the report each Sunday morning of the numbers in Sunday School that day. If you are Southern Baptist, you know what that is. You also know about the small board on the wall that told how many were in Sunday School.

Today if you live in my area, you may be tempted to head out to the river and skip church. Honestly, as far as Satan is concerned, he will plant any excuse to keep you from God’s house today.

Because if you go…

You will hear a pastor preach from the Words of a mighty God, His inspired Words, penned by a man. These words are just as true today as they were when they were penned because they are the Words of a living, loving God.

You might hear Words that make your heart leap for joy for the first time in forever.

You might schedule a talk with that pastor and begin the best journey of your life, filled with adventure as you ask a living God to save you, and He begins to live in you, leading your every move. What peace.

You might never be the same. Satan likes you just the way you are: worried, stressed, health issues because of anxiety over circumstances, mean and rude because you’ve become bitter, possibly mad at God, the only one Who can change it all.

You might go to church and hear that all you’ve heard and thought about Jesus and God was wrong. Satan was happy with that, but now you realize the source of your misery.

You might realize that Jesus came to set you freedom. It was for freedom that He died on a cross for you, something He did not have to do.

You might find freedom.

You might find freedom.

You might find freedom.

Kathy McBroom


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