The Adventures of Brown Dog

In June of 2021 my husband and I bought a house.  The former owners informed us that we may also get a dog.  We thought they were kidding.  They did say that he was a roamer, a free spirit.  Sure enough, we moved in and there he was.  He would go wandering for a while, but suddenly there he would be.  We have a doggy door in our screened in porch, so basically it was his dog house.  When we asked neighbors about him, one said, “Oh, that’s Biscuit,” while another said, “We all know Socks.”

I gave him the name Brown Dog or BD.

At first we didn’t want a dog.  He clearly had been an inside dog because one day early on he just came in the house with me.  “No, outside.”

Last year we had to put to sleep our dog of seventeen years.  It was almost more than I could bear.  He was the family dog.  He went to soccer games and became the soccer dog.  He ate arms off of Barbies.  He was my buddy when the girls moved to college.  Now, the thought of another dog was not good.  I just couldn’t.

So this instant dog was not good news.  He was a car chaser which proved to be embarrassing and scary. We were constantly saying, “He is not our dog.”. The neighborhood knew him well, so that they already knew that.

About the time that we were getting accustomed to him being our part time dog, remember he would roam, he left.  I got worried.  I didn’t really want a dog, but I didn’t want anything bad to happen to him.  I started looking for him.  We found that the previous owners of our home started building a house on land just about a mile away.  While the house was being built, they lived in their RV and evidently Brown Dog found them and began realizing where his new home was. He began to visit us less often.

His visits though were interesting.  

Brown Dog shows up at times that are special. It’s absolutely uncanny.

At first, he would leave and be gone for several days. That’s when I gave him the name part time dog. Someone dropped off a nice water and food bowl. That’s when I noticed that people were following the saga of BD. 

This saga began during the pandemic. We all needed rays of sunshine, reminders of hope. 

That’s what I began to say that his visits were. 

The first time I noticed that he was gone and suddenly reappeared was on Memorial Day weekend. 

I claimed that he had come to wish everyone a Happy Memorial Day. After that, I noticed that he appeared randomly, mostly weekend days.  My husband is a pastor and during the pandemic, we like so many other churches, took and are taking extra precautions.  As a pastor, it was and is discouraging.  Our church was also discouraged because of not being able to gather, for good reason.  About the time that the gloom was hitting, there would be Brown Dog.  I claimed he was there to remind us of church attendance when we could and to stay safe.  

Then, his visits became more infrequent, but the timing of them was absolutely unbelievable.

Many have said that God is using him.  I cannot deny that anymore and have to believe it is true.

So, more adventures of Brown Dog will follow. You will soon agree with me that he is a special dog.

Brown Dog, p. 50 FaithFilled Family Magazine

Kathy McBroom


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