Welcome to my blog.  Thanks for reading.  I am a veteran English teacher, pastor’s wife, mom of two daughters, writer, blogger, and my most fun roles are writer and speaker.  I love God’s word and sharing it with women of all ages.  The trajectory of my entire life was changed when at twelve years old, I realized that God loved me, sent Jesus to die on a cross for me and that God wanted to know me through a relationship with Jesus.  I couldn’t and can’t understand this kind of love, but I accepted Jesus to take over my life at that point and that changed everything.  This blog is my continual journey with Christ.  I have NEVER regretted starting this journey with Jesus and I hope that something about my writing peaks your interest in starting a relationship also or drawing closer to Him.  This world does not know this kind of love–it’s supernatural.  Anyone can have a relationship of God.  It’s amazing. Click on this link to find out more:  www.sbc.net/knowjesus/theplan.asp


  1. Kathy, you don’t need to reply, I just wanted to tell you I picked up a booklet at Rainbow Blossom and saw an article in there by you. What a great light in such a dark magazine. All of the “spiritual ” mumbo-jumbo that’s in the magazines there is an guise for the door way to hell. Yes, some of it, is ok and agrees with scripture, but most is hogwash. Anyway, so glad to see there is a witness for Jesus in there. keep it up and Merry CHRIST mas. from a sister sojourner till Jesus returns. Nancy Deal
    I really don’t want to be on any kind of email list, so please dont add me.


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