Hope has Come

Before I went to bed last night  at my mom’s house, I stopped and looked at her small Christmas  tree. When I was little, mom and dad had a much bigger tree, always surrounded by gifts for me and my brother.

At Christmas, you can almost feel the excitement in that living  room. Since I was small, I have loved visiting my parents at Christmas, turning out all the lights but those on the tree and just hesitating and remembering. I remember the Christmases of trying to sleep and failing, and sneaking in the living  room to see if Santa had come. Now, it’s as if the room is alive with stories.

All of Christmas feels this way. Have you ever noticed that? Stop. Just listen for a moment. It is almost as if you can feel the angels planning for the biggest celebration of the year.

But what about for those of us that struggle at Christmastime? What about the painful memories that rush in and begin to steal this magical feeling?

God sent His Son as a babe for that very reason. He came to save us for all eternity, but He came to save me specifically from myself, my selfishness and any life circumstance. At Christmas God has and is teaching me to relax and enjoy the moment.

This is the season hope arrived. Regardless of my situation, the message of Christmas is the answer.  I may need to dig deep for joy, but what better reason to rejoice than my need for help and the ultimate help came? God is a miracle working God. His peace can permeate any life situation. He has shown me over and over again that everything I need is in Him.

Merry Christmas,

Kathy McBroom



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