Teachers, This is Just For You.

Years ago when I wrote a little more often, I had many followers who were teachers, aka the saints of the universe.  I am a teacher, although an unemployed one right now.  I was teaching middle school up until Christmas.  My husband became pastor at a church in Tennessee, starting January 1.  I was to stay behind and continue teaching until I got a job or the house sold.  The house sold in 24 hours.  24.  Hello unemployment.

So now I can encourage teachers from a new perspective. I have been where you are.  During this new normal of Coronavirus homeschooling, I am seeing the struggle from the sidelines.  Teachers, since I am not teaching right now, I have no idea what you are going through.

Since unrealistic demands were put on you(us) previous to this season, I cannot imagine what is being expected now.  You are trying to manage from home or you are still having to show up at school while trying to homeschool your own children.  Technology is or is not your friend.  I know that not all students have technology or good internet service or skills online. This poses problems.  And I would bet that since accountability and the weight of things being on teachers’ shoulders has been the norm for many years, that hasn’t changed.  Hopefully, those in charge are having some grace and mercy, as well as parents who are getting frustrated with this process.

So, I just want to encourage you.  Let’s think outside the box, totally not serious, of course.  Let’s take some liberties and say what I might be thinking.  No offense anyone.  Don’t take this all seriously.

Picture yourself standing back and watching some situations as they play out at home.  What if you were a fly on the wall so to speak?

Remember that mama who always said that her child turned in her homework even though we knew she didn’t?  Reckon how long the realization was that mama was wrong took to sink in.

Remember that child who stayed up all night long playing video games and only wanted to lay his/her head down at school?  You prodded, you had them stand up, gently reminded, but to no avail.  Good luck, mama.

What about the child that you couldn’t get to do any work, regardless of how many rewards you tried to offer? Then when it came to grades, he/she wants extra credit.  Wonder how mama is handling that?

Remember that child that you know that we all loved, but he/she would smart off, be rude to others and generally a not so likable person?  Mama, he’s all yours.

Remember the ones that we would study, come up with what we thought was a great lesson and he/she would just whine and complain about it, “This is so stupid”, and not really want to do anything?  How does that feel, mama?

Let us all take a moment and say, “Ahh, God, you are good.  Thank you for in one clean sweep making all of America respect teachers the way they should have been respected all these years.” Isn’t that nice?

Let’s just smile slightly at the thought of all those parents now struggling to help with and prepare all of the work for their children, much like teachers with multiple lesson plans have for ages.

Don’t take me seriously, or should you? Teachers, you are the best.  Imagine all the parents right now saying please, for the love of all things good in the universe, take my kids back.  HAHAHAHAHA:)

Of course, we know that the vast majority of parents are trying really hard, and our hearts cry out to those parents because we know this isn’t easy. We would gladly take all the kids back. As teachers, I you that you miss them and love them all.  That’s why you teach. We also know that the parents who have whined and complained about their teachers for years are a very small percentage of parents. Most are so supportive and have known for years that they didn’t want to take our place as teachers.

During this time, let’s work together to make it through.

Praying for you teacher friends,


PS: I know, I love and miss those I had before Christmas terribly. You do too.

Here’s a couple of videos just for you:

Homeschooling: Field Trips: How do you teachers do that?

Teachers parody ‘Friends’


Faces covered to follow proper etiquette, not because I wanted to.  I miss these girls.


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